88-98 2500/3500 BRIDGE SET UP

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88-98 Chevy 2500/3500 Bridge Setup


We are excited to introduce our rear bridge setup for the 88-98 ( Body Style ) 3/4 ton trucks and 1 Ton trucks. With this bridge setup it is designed to work with our 3 link wishbone setups and gas tank crossmembers.  

We build the bridges for 3 different bag options that should work in many cases.  There is the traditional 2600/Slam Air bag setup which is more light duty use but still a bag over axle suspension.  Then there is the second option which is a 3200 Lb air bag setup that's a little more heavy duty and bag over axle style.  Then the third option is the large triple convoluted air bag setup which is the most heavy duty option.  The triple convoluted bag option is the same air bags that are on the back of industrial dump trucks.  (All the air bags are sold separate)


With this bridge setup the airbag is designed to sit on top of the wishbone itself over the axle and the bridge runs between the C-Notches (Welding Required) 


(These will also work on the 1/2 ton trucks because the frame rails have the same footprint as far as dimensions) 


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