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Steering kits include the following:

2 - New Re-machined inner tie rods that connect to rack and pinion (Have been shortened and re threaded)

2 - Machined DOM Adjuster to connect heim and inner tie rod

2 - 3/4 Left hand chromolly heim joint (Teflon coated)

4  - High misalignment spacers machined from high strength stainless (allow more articulation)

2 - Machined spacers to correct steering angle

2 - Grade 8 bolt and nut

2 - Hose clamps (Reconnect dust shield to rack and pinion)

4 - jam nuts to fasten adjuster

What sets apart our steering kits from all other competitors is the amount of adjustment you get from our steering kits.  Most kits out there retain the factory inner tie rod which is to long to add the adjuster and heim joint.  The problem this brings when aligning the vehicle there is not enough toe adjustment to really dial in the ride.  With our kit the shorter inner tie rod and new machined adjuster give you plenty of adjustment to dial in your ride height so you have no bump steer and eliminate any type of tire wear.


Most Steering kits are in stock and ship within 1 - 2 days (Unless were doing something custom)