WHAT DOES THE "AWAITING FULFILLMENT " STATUS MEAN ON MY ORDER? The Awaiting Fulfillment status means that your order and payment has successfully been submitted and your order is in line of being built. Most all sales are built to order. 

MAJORITY METAL ORDERS ARE MADE TO ORDER BECAUSE... We offer a ton of parts for a variety of vehicles.  It is difficult to keep up with full inventory on everything when everyone does not need the same thing.

NEED YOUR ORDER BY A CERTAIN DEADLINE? Unfortunately right now we cannot make any promises on a date of completion. We are working very hard each day, and are welding as fast as humanly possible to get orders complete for everyone. 

WHAT IS THE AVERAGE TURN AROUND TIME ON KITS ?  Currently right now due to our shop being overwhelmed with orders during this time, our turn around time on most kits is 6-8 business weeks. S10 5 Link however take a bit more time due to complexity of the kit, so you are looking at an 8-10 week turn around. Smaller items offered on our site that is not a full kit will be about a 1 week turn around.

IF I LIVE IN THE AREA CAN I PICK UP MY ORDER? Yes. When your order is complete you will be notified by email it is ready for pick up. You will then need to schedule a time with us, so that someone is here to help you with your order pickup. 

WHEN I CHECK OUT, IT SAYS IT WILL NOT DELIVER IN MY AREA. If you receive a notification that your order cannot be delivered to you, don't worry we can make it happen.  Just simply email us at aprillee@nfamusairsuspension.com

WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO CONTACT NFAMUS METAL?  The best way to contact us is by email  keith@nfamusairsuspension.com . Please allow up to 24-48 hours for a response for the person that responds back to your email is the same person working in the shop to complete orders.

WHAT DAYS DOES NFAMUS METAL OPERATE ON? Nfamus Metal is open Monday through Friday. The shop is closed Saturday-Sunday and national holidays.