HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR MY ORDER TO PROCESS?  Allow up to 12 hours for your order to be processed to the fabricator. 

WHAT DOES THE "FULFILLMENT " STATUS MEAN ON MY ORDER? The Fulfillment status means that your order is in process of being built. Most all  sales are built to order. 

ALL METAL ORDERS ARE MADE TO ORDER BECAUSE... We offer a ton of parts for a variety of vehicles.  It is difficult to keep up full inventory on everything when everyone does not need the same thing.

NEED YOUR ORDER BY A CERTAIN DEADLINE... Before you make an order with Nfamus Metal, please email April at april@nfamusairsuspension.com to verify if we can build/ship your order by your desired deadline.

WHAT IS THE AVERAGE TURN AROUND TIME ON KITS ? Our turn around time on most kits is 2-3 weeks. S10 5 Link however take a bit more time, they can take up to 4 weeks to produce and get out the door, so before you make the order please manage your time wisely when you need it.

IF I LIVE IN THE AREA CAN I PICK UP MY ORDER? Yes, you can certainly save the cost on shipping and come by our shop to pick up your order.  If you choose to do this method please april@nfamusairsuspension.com to place an order.

WHEN I CHECK OUT, IT SAYS IT WILL NOT DELIVER IN MY AREA. If you receive a notification that your order cannot be delivered to you, don't worry we can make it happen.  Just simply email or call us to let us know that you have come to this problem and we can calculate the shipping for you over the phone : 817-473-6669

WHAT DAYS DOES NFAMUS METAL OPERATE ON? Nfamus Metal is open Monday through Friday. Production time does not happen on Saturday or Sunday .